Header Ramón de la Cruz 41

Getting to the apartments


Taxi: 20 min aprox. (we recomend with baggage)
Airport Shuttle Service: you can rent directly at their terminal desk (direct to apartments or sharing route with hotels)
Underground: line 8 direction Nuevos Ministerios up to Colombia and transfers to line n 9 direction Arganda del Rey up to Nuñez de Balboa, taking the exit to Marqués de Salamanca.


Taxi: 10 minutes (we recommend with baggage)
Autobús: number 19. Bus stop in Velázquez corner to Ramon de la Cruz
Subway: line nº 1 until Bilbao, change to line nº 4 until Alonso Martinez and change to line nº 5 until Nuñez de Balboa.


Taxi: 10 minutes (we recommend with baggage)
Subway: line nº 10 until Alonso Martinez and change to line nº5 until Nuñez de Balboa.

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